Our Mission is to Provide a Personalized Pathway to Quality Living and Independence

Better Days

Better Days is a day program established to provide support and care for individuals with qualifying disabilities during the day. Through these services, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities that are designed to increase independence and help develop a greater sense of community and connection, with a daily focus on health and wellness. Each participant, along with their support team, will develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) to define the participants individual needs, interests and goals. We believe that each individual should hold a key role in developing their plans and determining what is in their best interests. Through these plans, participants will be supported to achieve the personal growth and experiences that they desire. The program is a safe place for individuals to develop more independence, grow in their physical and emotional well-being, develop community and connection, and gain valuable resources for their individual successes.  

The day-to-day activities are designed to support the individual’s unique ISP. These activities may include: 

  • Arts and crafts 

  • Cooking 

  • Educational activities

  • Volunteering 

  • Fitness activities 

  • Vocational skill building 

  • Community outings and more 

On occasion, special events may be held at the program as well. Special events may include: 

  • Dances

  • Field trips

  • Game nights

  • Holiday events

  • Karaoke and other activities 

All costs for activities and events are covered by Creative Pathways for all program participants.

Better Days offers a comfortable environment to host our day-to-day activities, as well as a large space for special events. We provide highly qualified staff for all of our services with a maximum ratio of one staff to three individuals, even though the state minimum is one staff for six individuals. In certain situations, individuals may require more personal support, in which ratios may be lowered to one staff to two individuals or one staff to one individual. Our staff are trained in CPR and First Aid, Abuse and Neglect, Infection Control, and are versed on each individual’s ISP.

Whether a participant is here full-time or part-time, it is important that our participants are comfortable in our program and know that our staff are qualified and ready to meet the needs of each individual. 

We look forward to supporting our participants to have Better Days!

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