Our Mission is to Provide a Personalized Pathway to Quality Living and Independence

Meet the Founders

Co-founders, Co-directors

Siblings with a Vision

Joshua Billingsley

Executive Director

Demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, Joshua always felt a calling to assist others. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Joshua’s journey into support services began, confirming that he was on the right path. Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in History Education, he dedicated several years to roles such as Direct Support Professional, House Manager, and Quality Developmental Disabilities Professional within various agencies in the Kansas City area.

Driven by the desire to apply his knowledge to benefit his local community, Joshua, in collaboration with Skylar, envisioned and established Creative Pathways in Linn County, Missouri.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Joshua finds joy in activities such as gardening, beekeeping, and cherishing moments with his family.

Skylar Bruner

Program Director

From an early age, Skylar demonstrated a genuine interest in uplifting others with a kind heart and a helping hand. While pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, Skylar immersed herself in various roles within a similar agency, showcasing her natural affinity for positions like Direct Support Professional, Residential/Wellness Coordinator, and Quality Developmental Disabilities Professional.

It was during this time that Skylar found inspiration and fulfillment in her collaboration with Rolling Hills Creative Living in Albany, Missouri. Motivated by her passion for aiding individuals with developmental disabilities, Skylar joined forces with Joshua to establish Creative Pathways.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Skylar treasures moments with family and friends, especially during summers spent at the lake.