Our Mission is to Provide a Personalized Pathway to Quality Living and Independence

Obtaining Services

Services and support can be important factors in ensuring an individual with developmental disabilities lives a full and meaningful life. Creative Pathways partners with individuals, families, guardians, and support coordinators to help determine the appropriate services to best support individuals. We provide individualized services based on the individuals needs, interests, and personal goals. For more information on our services, visit our services tab.

In order to obtain our services, individuals, families, or guardians must first connect with an Intake Supervisor from the Department of Mental Health Regional Office overseeing their home county. Information regarding which regional office to contact can be found here. The regional office’s Intake Supervisor will cover funding, service eligibility and requirements.

Remember, you are the best advocate for the needs of yourself, your loved one, or your ward. If you have questions regarding our services, eligibility and requirements or funding options at any time during this process, please contact us. We will answer any questions that we can or we will help you connect with the person that can answer your questions.


This intake guideline is for a brand-new individual who is looking into services. Creative Pathways is a service provider. Before an individual can start services they first must qualify. Once they qualify, they will be linked up to a service coordinator entity who will connect you with service providers like Creative Pathways. Please keep Josh at Creative Pathways in the loop of your progress and if you need assistance with anything along the process. We are here to help however we can. You can reach out to Josh directly at 660-734-0722 or via email at jbillingsley@creativepathways.org to help with the intake process.

1)    Call the Central Missouri Regional Office/Department of Mental Health (CMRO/DMH) at (573) 441-6278. Ask for a referral for services.

2)    After a short screening, if appropriate, CMRO/DMH will send you an application in the mail.

3)    Complete the application within 30 days. Return by mail to 900 W. Nifong Blvd., Suite 200, Columbia, MO 65203 or by fax to (573) 884-4294.

4)    You will be assigned a contact person from the CMRO/DMH to help you with the rest of theintake process.

5)    CMRO/DMH will complete an assessment in your home, over the phone, or through a video call within 30 business days.

6)    You will be asked to sign a form that will allow school and/or medical records to be shared with CMRO/DMH.

7)    CMRO/DMH will tell you whether or not you qualify for services by phone and by mail within those same 30 business days.

8)    If you qualify, a service coordinator will be assigned one. For Linn county, the SB40 holds the contract for that service.

9) Once you have a support coordinator it is their job to help link you to service providers like Creative Pathways and others. We urge you to seek out all options and find the best match. Creative Pathways offers many services that can assist in many ways.