Our Mission is to Provide a Personalized Pathway to Quality Living and Independence

DSP Job Description

Minimum Qualifications:

Employees must be at least 18 years of age; have a high school diploma or equivalent; possess a valid driver’s license, good driving record, reliable transportation and current auto insurance; and pass background checks.

The employee must have full range of motion, physical strength and ability to achieve and maintain required training and certifications to include but not limited to Creative Pathway’s Agency training, Medication Aid Certification, Standard First Aid and CPR certification, physical intervention techniques training and other trainings and certifications as required.

The employee must possess good verbal and written communication
skills including spelling, and grammar.


Use good judgment and make decisions that incorporate Creative Pathway’s Mission, principles, goals, policies, procedures, and practices as presented in the form of handouts, meetings, documentation, and verbal instruction from superiors and trainers into all aspects of work.

Promote health, wellness, and safety. Administer first aid and follow emergency procedures as needed.

Demonstrate reliability by arriving to all assigned shifts, meetings, and training ready to work.

Complete documentation as required by Creative Pathways policy and procedure and according to verbal instructions from supervisors.

Teaching and supporting persons receiving services to complete the following as independently as possible:

  • Personal hygiene, which may include toileting, shaving, bathing, brushing teeth, and other personal hygiene tasks.

  • Personal assistance which may include dressing, eating, communicating, and mobility.

  • Housekeeping which may include laundry, cleaning bathroom or bedrooms, or other common areas as needed.

  • Planning meals, grocery shopping, meal preparation and clean up.

  • Personal finance management, which may include handling cash, accounting for purchases through receipts, ledgers and record keeping.

  • Social and leisure activities of interest to the person receiving supports.

  • Through role modeling and teaching, support people receiving services to develop appropriate friendships, working relationships, and other meaningful relationships.

Vocational and employment goals and opportunities:

  • Implement the individual support plan as assigned and provide observations and input for development of the ISP.

  • Administer medications to ensure safe handling, storage, and control according procedures.

  • Keep supervisor informed of any problems or significant issues regarding people receiving services of their environment.

  • Maintain general upkeep of the home, workplace, equipment and vehicles to meet the highest possible standard.

  • Promote a positive image of Creative Pathways and for the individuals we support.

  • Assist in adaptive equipment; and with training, conduct prescribed therapy programs, braces, assistive devices, range of motion exercises. If needed, assist and perform lifting and transferring of individuals receiving supports using safe procedures.

  • Demonstrate flexibility within the DSP role and perform other duties as assigned.